Stephen Staton

Independent Security Researcher


Stephen is a passionate cybersecurity professional and researcher with 6 years of experience and is currently working as an Independent Security Researcher.. His love for Security is fueled by a large coffee addiction, mediocre jokes and memes, and a deep interest for threat hunting and solving complex problems. Stephen will often describe himself as a forever student and believes that education and constant testing/honing of our skillset will lead to success and create a better deliverable! Open source tools have always been apart of his arsenal as he looks for new and different ways to detect and hunt threats within his organization. Outside of professional work, Stephen enjoys gardening, reading, motorcycles, and traveling. Prior to his current position, Stephen served as a Security Analyst at a Virginia based automotive start up


Journey into Ethical Hacking


In this talk, we will explore the dynamic and evolving world of Ethical Hacking and how it has become a crucial part of the Cyber Security ecosystem. We will dive in and show the different types of hackers, real-world scenarios of each, and how you can start your journey as an Ethical Hacker. Understanding how you can start your journey will be shown through education, suggestions of certification paths, and then how to start using open source tools to search for vulnerabilities, threats, attacker techniques, and how to keep yourself informed at all times.

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