PJ Metz

Education Community Manager



Pj Metz is a former high school English teacher and current Education Community Manager. After 11 years in the classroom, he started learning to code in May of 2020 and began to live stream his sessions learning C# and Node.js shortly after. His previous role at GitLab was all about bringing DevSecOps into the classroom by making GitLab available to educators around the world, followed by time spent as a community manager for ProjectDiscovery helping the bug bounty hunter community learn and grow. He has presented on a variety of topics at several events like Start.Dev.Change, Codeland, DevOpsDays Chicago, DevRelCon, and Orlando Code Camp. Pj loves 80’s music, including modern music that sounds like it was made in the 80’s, 90’s internet culture, and poetry. He’s a published poet and a musician sometimes. His DMs are open for conversation and he’ll say yes to pretty much any podcast or live stream you want to do.


Zero to 1: Getting started with Cybersecurity


While the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, that one step is often the hardest to take. Without a clear idea of where you’ll be going, it’s hard to know what the right first step is. Fear leads to inaction, inaction leads to stagnation, and you end before you’ve even begun. This presentation will be about how anyone can take that first step in their cybersecurity journey, and will include tips Pj used to go from knowing nothing at all about hacking to helping ProjectDiscovery Democratize Security, Together.

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