Noah Carr


Point72 Ventures


Noah Carr leads Point72 Ventures investment activity in enterprise technologies, focusing on data infrastructure, cybersecurity, and developer tools. Prior to joining Point72 Ventures, Noah was a Partner at Unusual Ventures. Previously, he worked at Bain Capital Ventures, where he sourced, managed, and supported investments in DocuSign,, Attivo, Awake Security, BetterCloud, LeapYear, Sysdig, and Armis, among others. Noah loves spending time with passionate entrepreneurs and partnering with them to build category-defining companies. Prior to venture capital, Noah spent time in the Technology Investment Banking group at Deutsche Bank, focusing on helping software companies raise capital and explore strategic alternatives.


Safeguarding Digital Frontiers: Exploring AI's Role in Open Source Security


In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into open-source security practices has emerged as a critical frontier in cybersecurity. In this session, Noah Carr and Daniel Miessler delve into the intersection of AI and open-source security, exploring the innovative approaches that they’re seeing, discussing the challenges that companies large and small must navigate, and speculating on opportunities to leverage AI to enhance the resilience and integrity of open source ecosystems. Through this insightful discussion, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how AI technologies are being harnessed to fortify projects against evolving cyber threats, foster community-driven security initiatives, and promote greater transparency and trust in digital environments.

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