Chenxi Wang

Managing General Partner

Rain Capital


Chenxi is the founder and general partner of Rain Capital, a cyber-focused venture fund. She serves on the board of directors of MDU Resources (MDU) and the OWASP global foundation.


Growing VC interest in OS security companies


There has been a noticeable and accelerating trend in venture capital (VC) investments targeting open-source security companies. This talk delves into the underlying factors driving this surge in VC interest. From the increasing significance of cybersecurity in the digital landscape to the collaborative nature of open-source development, we aim to dissect the dynamics fueling this growth. Join us as we explore the unique opportunities and challenges faced by open-source security startups, shedding light on why investors are increasingly turning their attention and capital towards this evolving sector. Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking insights into emerging market trends or an investor navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity, this talk provides a comprehensive overview of the growing VC enthusiasm for open-source security ventures.

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