Brendan O'Leary

Head of Community



Brendan O'Leary is Head of Community at ProjectDiscovery. He spends his time connecting with developers, security engineers, contributing to open source projects, and sharing his thoughts on cutting-edge technologies on conference panels, meetups, in contributed articles and on blogs.


Democratizing the Language of Cybersecurity


In the rapidly evolving realm of cybersecurity, clear communication is key but often overlooked. Traditional reliance on CVE numbers has left gaps in understanding, particularly among stakeholders like developers and CISOs. Nuclei templates have emerged as a transformative solution, offering a machine- and human-readable format that succinctly encapsulates vulnerability details. This universal template fosters clarity, ensuring aligned strategies across teams. Being open source adds to this, and the community-driven approach further accelerates vulnerability response times. By democratizing the language of security, Nuclei templates bridge the communication gap between security teams and engineers, facilitating swift, informed action to secure our future.

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